Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yummy Food #2: Marinated Steak, Collard Greens & Baked Potatoes

Marinated Steak, Collard Greens & Baked Potatoes
My hubby's favorite meal!
(Not one that is made often - not unless he is a really good boy! ;)
I usually make either Ribeye Steak or New York Strip Steak, marinate it or season it with garlic salt and pepper. I admit that I did not make those collard greens....I cheat on that part! My hubby's grandma is wonderful at making those greens and prepares them in bulk! So when that happens, we have greens because she is so kind to share them with the fam! LOL
And of course, baked potatoes are the easiest and greastest compliment to a meal like this, even an amateur chef like myself can throw a baked potato in the oven or the microwave! Add some butter, shredded cheese, sour cream and bacon-bits to load it up with the good stuff and you are good to go! A delicious meal without too much effort (especially if you can delegate others to make special sides every now and then!)
Here's what my critics have to say:
Critic #1: Hubby: "Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh! Steak! ;) "
Critic #2: 9-yr-old male: WhooooHoooo, Steak! I don't want any of those green things and only a little bit of baked potato, Oh....and lots of steak sauce...please!"
Critic #3: 3-year-old male: "I no like steak. I eat some potatoes, tomatos and cottage cheese and some fruit loops cereal."


Dracofly said...

omg i so totally had steak, potato wedges, and green beans the day you posted this ! lol

Lele.lumz! said...

LOL Dracofly! =) Great minds think alike! So how are things going since hubby's been home? Take Care!