Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yummy Food #2: Marinated Steak, Collard Greens & Baked Potatoes

Marinated Steak, Collard Greens & Baked Potatoes
My hubby's favorite meal!
(Not one that is made often - not unless he is a really good boy! ;)
I usually make either Ribeye Steak or New York Strip Steak, marinate it or season it with garlic salt and pepper. I admit that I did not make those collard greens....I cheat on that part! My hubby's grandma is wonderful at making those greens and prepares them in bulk! So when that happens, we have greens because she is so kind to share them with the fam! LOL
And of course, baked potatoes are the easiest and greastest compliment to a meal like this, even an amateur chef like myself can throw a baked potato in the oven or the microwave! Add some butter, shredded cheese, sour cream and bacon-bits to load it up with the good stuff and you are good to go! A delicious meal without too much effort (especially if you can delegate others to make special sides every now and then!)
Here's what my critics have to say:
Critic #1: Hubby: "Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh! Steak! ;) "
Critic #2: 9-yr-old male: WhooooHoooo, Steak! I don't want any of those green things and only a little bit of baked potato, Oh....and lots of steak sauce...please!"
Critic #3: 3-year-old male: "I no like steak. I eat some potatoes, tomatos and cottage cheese and some fruit loops cereal."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Recipe #1: Beginner Barbeque Ribs

I think I did something good for my chef-training today!
I woke up this morning and decided I was going to go to the grocery store after dropping my oldest son off at school and I was determined to walk over to the meat aisle and grab something that I would never buy on a normal *1-star cook* trip to the grocery store.
Well, there it was.....the biggest, juiciest package of pork ribs and it was on sale.
Okay, I think we have a Winner!
So, I picked it up and back-tracked over to the sauce aisle for a few bottles of barbecue sauce (which was off brand but was on sale too for 70 cents a bottle! WHOOHOO! I love sale prices!)

Here's the easy way I made them:
I came home, dug out my slow-cooker and dumped those ribs in the crockpot after I rinsed them off. I added one-&-a-half bottles of barbecue sauce, added sea salt, pepper, a pinch of garlic salt and a 1/2 green pepper- cut up. I set the cooker on LOW and cooked the ribs for approx. 8 hours. They were tender and pretty much falling off the bone when I took them out of the slow cooker.

This is what my critics had to say:
Critic #1 (age: 28) - "These are really good. What made you decide to make ribs today?"
"Did you make these?"
Critic #2 (age: 9): "Mom, these are good. I love ribs. Did you 'customize' these?"
(otherwise known as did you make this meal by yourself, or from a box, or takeout! lol)
Critic #3 (age: 3): "Yum, barbeque sauce!"

Overall- this meal could be rated as a 4. Definitely something a little more unique than the weekday meal from a box or quick fast food alternatives. not bad for my first attempt to do something different! I might just make these again in a few weeks! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion + Food = Fashionable Food, right?

Welcome to a Diary of a Fashionable Cook Learning to be a Fancy Chef!
This is going to be interesting!
The Scoop:
I have always loved food. I love to eat it and eat it and eat it....
I, however, do not like to make it!
Some people love to cook, some people don't-
I am ONE of those people!
So, What do I like to do?
I like to shop.....
Not for Food, though........Just clothes & fun stuff! lol
I sure don't sound like much of a Domestic Goddess, do I?
Well.....that's all about to change! :)
I am ready to get busy in the kitchen and start getting fancy with food making!
How hard can it be?
I can put great outfits & accessories together.......
Ingredients have to be kinda like that, right?
Here's my Math equation of the day:
Fashion + Food = Fashionable Food!
(Atleast I think so?)
I guess we'll find out soon!
will help me keep track of what's new in my kitchen!
(Uhhh...what's parsley, again? lol)
So..........Can I take your order?